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After legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the cannabis industry has been uplifted and requires highly qualified workers to help them properly take care of the patients. The most sought-after positions in the Cannabis industry is the front house-sales-professionals called a Dispensary Technician or Budtender.


Our specialized trainers are coming to a city near you to teach you the latest trends in the medical cannabis industry. Don’t miss the chance and get yourself registered for an upcoming training event.

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To break through the competition in the cannabis industry, we provide you with the information needed so that you can bring valuable and professional expertise to the medical cannabis industry. We will transform you into a valuable asset that is required by every Dispensary owner. We ensure to use the latest information to train you and build all the necessary skills required to be a Dispensary Technician.



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Dominic E. Moore

This course isn’t only great as an introductory tool for individuals with little to no knowledge about marijuana but also a must-have for everyone interested in the medicinal aspect of this sacred plant and those planning to make a career out of it. The resource provided is enormous and the whole stuff is well worth the time and money spent. I sincerely did not expect this much value and support for a onetime fee. No praise is good enough to give the instructors the credit they deserve.


William L. Culver

I own a dispensary in Nevada and fortunately stumbled upon your page online. I had a number of staff attend the training and they’ve all remarked how interesting, useful and informative it was. We’ve now got extra pairs of competent hands administering medication and we will definitely be in touch about further courses. Thanks for empowering us with the knowledge we needed to develop an efficient marijuana medication management system which has enabled us to better meet the needs of our patients.


Tamara C. Trotter

My feedback on this wonderful training is all positives. The course has been well received and I am overly pleased with the relevance of the course content. The delivery of the course materials was on point as well. I will recommend Leafy Pros as a world-class budtender training provider.


Sharon D. Reed

I really enjoyed this course! Everything covered from the first class to the last is well structured and clear. The entire training was fun, loaded with tons of helpful information and above all, very easy to follow. I had number of institutes to choose from but these guys seemed to be the most reliable and have duly proved me right. Great job Leafy Pros! I am now a certified budtender!


Richard D. Rodriquez

I will like to take the time and say a big thank you for the opportunity! I’ve had three phone interviews already and with my fingers crossed, I know I will be hired soonest – because I absolutely bossed all of the interviews. I have always being interested in MMJ and ran a blog on it sometimes in 2016, I felt I knew everything about cannabis but this training proved that I was still missing out on a lot. Even though I a super excited to receive my certificate, I will remain a student at Leafy Pros. The next chapter of my life promises to be interesting and profitable; I can’t wait to get started.


Lloyd R. Smith

The Leafy Pros course on becoming a budtender which covers delivery service management, marijuana dispensary as well as MMJ laws and the roles dispensary technical have to play within those laws is everything I needed to get a comprehensive overview of the industry. If you are thinking of a perfect place to fit in an ever growing industry, then this is the perfect course for you.


John V. Wilson

The budtender course was super helpful. I will be heading back home with high hopes of taking up a cool position in a marijuana dispensary. My skillset includes copious management experience and now I have added knowledge of cannabis to the mix. You have provided the theories and now I look forward to helping people deal with real life situations using all that I learned. I wouldn’t miss a chance to recommend the course to anyone I meet.


Clifford H. Bell

I was well looked after throughout the training and the support from the instructors both pre and post training has been fantastic as well. I am now a trained dispensary technician and I deliver cannabis medication where I work. Thank you for sharpening my expertise and building my confidence in this area. I know the course is continually being updated and will be glad to attend your refresher courses when available in the future. Cheers!


Andre K. Arvidson

This course has helped me a great deal. I am a certified budtender working at local dispensary and the training enabled me to see what I needed to work on. I left Leafy Pros excited and invigorated because I gained a lot. The course is invaluable and I personally feel it should be mandatory for all prospective budtenders. I must also mention that there were great takeaways that will come in handy throughout the rest of my career.


Craig J. Martin

I have just completed the budtender training course delivered by Leafy Pros. I will highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take advantage of the cannabis craze. I am passionate about building a career along this path I have gained a wealth of knowledge on cannabinoids, patient experience management and so much more. I am grateful to everyone that contributed for delivering theories that are accurate, relevant and up to date.


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